ThermaFlow Patient Warming System

Introduction: In the world of healthcare, patient comfort and safety are of paramount importance, especially in the context of surgical procedures performed in operating theaters. Maintaining a patient’s core body temperature during surgery is a crucial factor in preventing complications and ensuring a successful recovery. WarmaFlow, a cutting-edge patient warming system, offers a groundbreaking solution for maintaining patient warmth and comfort, making it the preferred choice in operating theaters worldwide.

The Unique Locking Card and Quick Access Slip-and-Lock System: WarmaFlow’s standout feature is its innovative Locking Card, a technology that has garnered global recognition and is protected by patents. This pioneering Locking Card is engineered to seamlessly connect the air hose from the warming machine to the patient’s warming blanket, ensuring an unmatched level of ease and efficiency in the patient warming process. This proprietary technology enables a quick, secure, and hassle-free connection, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care rather than dealing with complex equipment.

The Locking Card employs a slip-and-lock mechanism, which eliminates the need for intricate, time-consuming assembly. The air hose smoothly slides into the card and locks in place with a secure grip. This not only saves valuable time in the operating theater but also ensures that the warming system remains intact throughout the procedure, avoiding any potential disruptions.

World’s First Patented Technology: WarmaFlow’s patented technology allows the air hose of the warming machine to be inserted directly into the patient’s warming blanket with unparalleled ease. This eliminates the need for additional equipment or connectors, streamlining the setup process significantly. The system is the world’s first of its kind to incorporate this innovative feature, redefining patient warming and setting a new industry standard.

The Need for Heating a Patient in a Theatre Setting: Maintaining a patient’s core body temperature during surgery is a critical aspect of healthcare that directly influences patient outcomes. The theatre setting presents several factors that can cause a patient’s body temperature to drop:

  1. Prolonged Procedures: Many surgeries, especially complex ones, can be time-consuming. The longer a patient is exposed to a cold environment, the greater the risk of hypothermia.
  2. Anesthesia: Anesthesia can cause a patient’s body temperature to drop significantly, making it vital to have an effective warming system in place.
  3. Open Wounds: Surgical incisions and open wounds increase the risk of heat loss, as the body’s natural insulation is compromised.
  4. Exposure to Cold Equipment: Operating theaters are typically kept at lower temperatures to reduce the risk of infection, which can contribute to patient hypothermia.

WarmaFlow’s patient warming system mitigates these risks by providing a consistent source of warmth throughout the surgical procedure. Maintaining proper body temperature not only improves patient comfort but also plays a significant role in reducing the risk of surgical complications, such as infections, blood loss, and post-operative shivering.

Key Benefits

Light Weight, Portable, Silent, User Friendly

Technical Specifications

  1. Physical Characteristics
    • Size: 28cm × 12cm × 25cm
    • Weight: Approximately 3kg
    • Relative Noise Level: Below 55dB(A)
    • Hose: Elastic, extendable to 2 meters, compatible with inflation heating device
    • Dual Filtration System: Preliminary filter, 0.2 micron high-efficiency filter
    • Recommended Replacement Period for High-Efficiency Filter: After 12 months or 1000 hours of use
    • Installation and Fixation: Attach to infusion stand, specialized rolling stand, or place on a hard surface
  2. Temperature Characteristics
    • Recommended Operating Environment: Ambient temperature (5-30)°C, relative humidity (30-75)%RH, atmospheric pressure (700-1060)hPa
    • Temperature Control: Electronic control
    • Working Modes: Natural wind mode and heating mode
    • Average Temperature at the End of the Air Duct: Comfort 360: (32-41)°C ±0.9°C
    • Time to Reach Set Temperature Range: No more than 3 minutes
    • Storage/Transportation Temperature: Store all components in a cool and dry place when not in use
  3. Safety System
    • High Temperature Protection at Air Outlet: Activated when the air outlet temperature exceeds 42°C under any circumstances or when the temperature exceeds the set value by 2.0°C 3 minutes after starting the device or adjusting the temperature. All internal heaters and fans stop immediately.
    • Low Temperature Protection at Air Outlet: Activated when the air outlet temperature does not reach the set temperature within 3 minutes or when the heater is operating normally, and the air outlet temperature is 2.0°C below the set value. All internal heaters and fans stop immediately.
    • Overcurrent Protection: Dual input fuse circuit (Fuse: F6AL 250V 5×20mm)
    • Fault Indication: The current temperature window on the display shows “fault code and fault alarm information.” The working status window on the display shows “fault code and fault hint information.”
  4. Electrical Characteristics
    • Heating Element: Heating wire (mica bracket electric heating alloy wire heating module), 800W
    • Power Connection Conditions: 220V~, 50Hz, 10A
    • Power Consumption: Peak: 900VA, Average: 400VA
    • Leakage Current: Complies with IEC60601-1 requirements
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility: Complies with IEC60601-1-2 requirements
    • Fan Motor: Rotation speed: 3800 RPM, airflow: 72CFM
    • Classification: According to GB 9706.1, this device is Class I, BF type general equipment, continuous operation equipment, waterproof grade IPX2, managed as Class II medical equipment. Qualified maintenance technicians can test the over-temperature detection system, temperature output test, operating temperature calibration, and fault information exclusion for the inflation heating device.